Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dear Connecticut Chuck Norris,

I did not actually take any of your campaign signs, although I was extremely tempted to do so. I applaud your courage for running for Probate Judge in the Norwich Probate District (not Windham County as I previously wrote) as it should make for compelling political journalism over the next coming months.

I am also slightly afraid of you for the fact that you have your own fight move, the "roundhouse kick," registered with the U.S. Patent Office and that you once wrestled and killed a bear with your bare hands to save Cybill Shepherd.

In conclusion, I am including my address below so that your campaign could send a Chuck Norris for Probate Judge poster, which I will pose with and photograph on my blog at a later date, but not and I repeat not for the purpose of tracking me down to deliver a well-deserved Chuck Norris-style butt-kicking.

With great esteem,

Aaron Short
121 St. Nicholas Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11237

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