Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday links

When in doubt about art, talk to James Kalm.
Armory weekend is over, but check out these write-ups from not one but two art critics, Hrag Vartanian at Hyperallergic and Joann Kim's updownacross blog dramatically declaring that James Kalm saved the art fair.

Yet another James Kalm video.

And in other news...

*The People's Court takes on an art vs. condo fight at Castle Braid.

*Another bike lane could be coming to Cobble Hill.

*The Wall Street Journal has an update of the Java Street pier proposal (spoiler! Councilman Steve Levin is still upset).

*The Brooklyn Paper follows up on Steve Levin's car theft/ office burglary last weekend. Jesus. At least they didn't take his cat.

*Cathie Black visits a Williamsburg school meeting and I don't know how to reference an AC/DC song here without seeming too cliched. What about Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap?
*The new trend in Williamsburg bars is board games like Jenga and Connect Four- with drinking. I'd like to know when sleepovers return.

*Meanwhile, the new trend in Bushwick is fires!

*Curbed notes some illegal towing complaints at The Edge.

*NYU News myopically blames the increase in population in Brownstone Brooklyn on NYU students moving there.

*Brownstoner is interested in the new proposal for a McCarren Park tennis bubble, which is coming up to the board on Tuesday. Guys, it's only a proposal.

Finally, big Michael Grynbaum profile of transportation loner Janette Sadik Khan. Better ride those bike lanes while they're here, because the next mayor could strip them!

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