Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday links

Happy Civil War Day Confederate readers!

Welcome back! Let's sift through some links.

Iconoclastic sportswriter Greg Hanlon hits this one out of the park. If you read one long magazine-y Capital New York piece this week, it should be this one about gentrification and Williamsburg schools.

But you probably can't help yourself, so check out this Steve Kornacki piece on Mario Cuomo, which goes into alleyways that Matt Bai strolled by.

Prohibition in Williamsburg? Hardly. But board members, including 11211, are upset at the flood of liquor licenses coming into Community Board 1. Lots more on this tomorrow.

BushwickBK launched a site redesign a week ago. It's worth some trolling.

There's going to be a park-- finally-- at 65 Commercial Street in Greenpoint.

Also-- finally-- that stalled condo-movie theater on Metropolitan Avenue will open on Memorial Day.

Laura Nahmias at City Hall News says sources are speculating that Mary Markowitz's chief Carlos Scissura is at the top of the heap to challenge Marty Golden in Bay Ridge. Wait, really? Points for creativity, but the headline editor has to tack on Running with Scissura for this piece to work.

Finally, Taxi and Limousine Commissioner David Yassky chastises formerly chaste pop star Avril Lavigne on his facebook page, but I bet he secretly wanted to sing this at his karaoke birthday party last month.

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